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Managing Your Cashflow

Thanks so much for investing the time to view our webinar on managing your cashflow.

Cashflow is a key indicator of a business’ financial health. Knowing how to maintain a healthy cashflow is essential to a successful business.

This webinar explains the importance of cashflow management, the need to develop cashflow forecasts that track the inflows and outflows of cash and the reasons why it should be regularly updated.

To get the best results from this webinar we encourage you to download this Action Plan after watching this webinar and implement the strategies into your business. To help we have also included our Cashflow Checklist.

For more information on this topic we suggest you read these articles, "How to keep the cashflow rolling in" and "How to get hold of cash quickly". The latter also includes more details on the subject of debt factoring which we touch on in this webinar.


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Helping the business community to thrive is in everyone’s interest and we find webinars an effective way of getting important information across.

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