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Testimonials and Referrals

Thanks so much for investing the time to view our webinar on Testimonials and Referrals.

Customers are sceptical about traditional marketing messages. In a more connected world people are making their decisions based on others' recommendations.

In this webinar Mike shows you how to collect the right type of endorsements in order to demonstrate your business credibility, plus how to leverage your testimonials and referrals to create a system that will provide an ongoing flow of new customers in an inexpensive way.

To get the best results from this webinar we encourage you download this Action Plan after watching this webinar and implement the strategies into your business.

To gain even more clarity about this topic you should read The World's Best Known Marketing Secret  by Ivan R Misner, as discussed in the webinar.


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Helping the business community to thrive is in everyone’s interest and we find webinars an effective way of getting important information across.

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