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Shape Your Business coaching expert Mike Reddy will help your small business to reach its potential. You can expect great things from our best-of-class business coaching resources developed to help Australian small business owners increase profit, cash flow and time. Our coaching ensures you have the best chance of success.

Business Coaching in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast since 2005

Sydney-based Shape Your Business was the first coaching firm in the world to provide a free business coaching app with regularly updated business tips, videos and more.

We were also proud to be the first business coaching firm in Australia (in fact the world!) to present regular coaching webinars showing you how successful business owners achieve what they do.

Mike travels extensively to share his knowledge with small business groups.

Along with business coaching, sales training and providing powerful small business website solutions, we can now also manage your social media marketing - locating & sending your prospects powerful marketing messages on your behalf.

Mike Reddy, business coach and principal of Shape Your Business, is no slouch either:

  • >    Author
  • >    Chartered Accountant
  • >    Elected to the Local Leadership Team of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Sydney branch
  • >    President of the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce
  • >    Councillor on NSW Business Chamber Sydney North East Regional Advisory Council
  • >    North Sydney CBD Development Working Group

Mike Reddy | Business Building Seminars

Motivational Speaker

As a business coach, Mike Reddy recognises that local and family businesses offer real value to any community and are worth nurturing. He travels throughout Australasia in his capacity as a Chartered Accountant, author and coach sharing his knowledge, experiences and expertise with business groups, advisors and their clients.

Since 2001 he has been invited to speak to hundreds of advisors and their clients throughout the world on ways to develop small businesses in a changing world.

Subject to timing he is happy to speak to groups on a variety of small business coaching topics including:

  • >    Leveraging technology
  • >    Big thinking in a small business
  • >    Building a small business brand
  • >    Marketing on a shoestring
  • >    The numbers business owners MUST understand (because their accountants don’t)

* Mike is also available to speak to not for profit groups on a no-fee basis (providing out-of-pocket expenses are covered).

Community Matters

A sustainable vibrant business community is a vital part of any community.

Without a healthy business community teenagers can't learn vital skills in after school jobs to assist them in the transition from school to the workplace. Mums and Dads miss out on choosing local places to enjoy quality time with their family.

Community groups miss out on opportunities to access funding and the people-power that is available in a thriving business community and instead have to rely on other groups to continually supply them with what they need.

And of course the Mums and Dads who sometimes invest everything they have in their business, need a healthy environment so they in turn can contribute to the local community.

For that reason our contribution is important and we are delighted to be able to help.  In more ways than just coaching.

We have actively made our resources available to:

  • >    Make a Wish Foundation
  • >    North Sydney Chamber of Commerce
  • >    Small Business September
  • >    Business forums
  • >    Institute of Chartered Accountants Local Leadership team
  • >    NSW Chamber of Commerce Regional Advisory Group
  • >    Rotary

Discover the coaching opportunities that exist in your Sydney business call us on 1300 791 600.

Shape Your Business - more than business coaching.