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Promoting Healthy Team Competition

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Mike Reddy

Competition is a massive motivator for highly successful businesses no matter the size.

So harnessing this power depends upon positive reward systems and a culture of teamwork to ensure it stays friendly.  Read More

How To Get Your SEO Right

Friday, April 29, 2016 Mike Reddy

The importance of understanding and utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) keywords to expand and market your business has never been higher.

This is due to the skyrocketing percentage of people using the internet as their only tool when searching for goods and services.  Read More

Conquering Fear Of Failure

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Mike Reddy

Do not let the fear of failing detract from your potential as an individual and business owner.

Known as Atychiphobia, the overwhelming fear of failing or falling short of a given goal affects many people worldwide. If you allow it, atychiphobia can damage your potential as a business entrepreneur and significantly cripple your overall success in your field of endeavor.  Read More

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Employees

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Mike Reddy

Working to increase productivity among employees in a business is one of the biggest challenges in the current economy. It's important to remember that your employees are a vital part of your organisation and must be handled with care.

Here are some helpful strategies to employ when trying to take your business to motivate and strengthen your employee base.  Read More

Real Time Marketing

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 Mike Reddy

Every day we see our customers talking about hot topics in society. Real time marketing is how you get yourself and, ultimately, your product inserted into that conversation.

In doing so you may find a substantial increase to your bottom line!  Read More

Secrets To Successful Copywriting

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Mike Reddy

Copywriting Secrets

Advertising and copywriting have definitely taken the internet by storm. Whether it is in clickable advertisements, websites or articles, copywriting is everywhere.

To be a good copywriter for your business, however, you need to use these tips:  Read More