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Read the Writing on the Wall

Thursday, September 08, 2011   By Mike Reddy


Imagine taking a newspaper classified ad and posting it up on an electronic signboard. Think about the reach your message automatically achieves. This form of advertising is called digital signage: an electronic display that conveys an advertising message.

Digital signage can be seen on updated traditional billboards, in front of buildings or major attractions, and in storefronts and office windows.

As a business coach I always recommend ensuring your company's message and promotion of advertising content can be easily managed, creating a more diverse and swiftly changing content platform, maximising your use of space and time. Also known as screen media, digital merchandising and digital out-of-home; digital signage provides target-specific advertising and a direct link into niche markets.

Static signs, or non-digital signage, are still beneficial (and if you don't have digital signage in your area they may be the only option). But with digital signs you can manage the changes and updates more simply.

Make your messages adaptable to the audience within a few moments and stay in a constant flow. With the growing popularity of this new media outlet, the services are becoming more affordable, allowing even small businesses to budget for this kind of advertising.

Many agencies can aid in the selection of programs, initial set up and display location evaluation. Make sure to find an organisation that also offers maintenance and servicing. Usually these companies also provide you with a content manager who handles your account.
Business coaches prefer you to take a direct approach to targeting your niche markets with digital signage can only increase your presence in unknown areas, and boost your reputation where your services may already be widely received.