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The Best Way to Close a Sale

Monday, October 10, 2011   By Mike Reddy


Ask any business coach: Closing a sale is the most critical part of the sales process for a small business. The more efficient and confident you become in your techniques, the more revenue you and your team can generate.

As a business coach I recommend preparing for a close by testing your techniques: run analytics on your offer using questionnaires or mock interviews. This preparation will leave you feeling confident and will reduce the chance of a client throwing a curve ball.

Make it clear from the start that closing deals will be beneficial to both you and the customer. Address your customers' needs directly and provide solid reasons for why and how your service can best attend to their needs. Create space for the customer to step in and ask questions or pose objections: your pre-meeting preparation will have you ready and willing to take on these obstacles.

Always be ready with testimonials and client feedback. Show them how well you have succeeded in the past. Respect your previous customers by asking permission to use them as references and offer contact information, as you would in a job interview.

The best closers are people who seamlessly create urgency in the client's eyes – the client would have no reason to turn down the offer.

Pay attention to the flow of the meeting and realise when you have completed your piece - do not offer pleasantries to fill space. Give the client those moments of silence to reflect.

One of the best ways to become a better closer is to ask "why" when a deal falls through. If you have a client hooked all the way into a closing meeting and the deal does not go through, do not hesitate to politely enquire as to why. Using this as a critique, you can improve your future sales prospects.  In my business coaching programmes I make sure this is an important part of the process.

Always follow up, no matter how the deal went. If you were successful in your close, a follow up cements your positive relationship. If your client is still hesitant, a gentle follow up may be the nudge they need to take the next step.

Step into your close with the utmost confidence in the product or service you are selling. Sincerity and trust, conveyed through your verbal communications and intention to engage in an ongoing relationship with your client, will be the strongest selling point at the end of the day.