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Finding the best business coach with the best coaching process is probably the most important factor which will decide how well your business will improve its performance over the next six months.

There is a lot to be said about engaging an expert to help solve a problem. The trouble is that so many "experts" out there seem to rely on checklists, manuals and other cookie cutter solutions.  

Now that’s fine if you happen to be an average small business with everyday small business problems.


Why do I say sometimes? That's because most business owners think that the answer to their problem is to increase sales.

They feel that if they can just increase their sales then that will improve cash flow and make life so much easier.

And that is where they are usually wrong.

Unfortunately, there are too many business coaches who seize on the opportunity to make a quick sale of their own and offer strategies to increase sales.

Because they have never been trained in how to develop a successful small business they can blindly lead the business owner in the wrong direction.

The best coaching process has, at its first step, a process where they can analyse the business' performance.

That’s because most business owners are looking for advice to help them get out of a hole and unless the coach clearly understands how  the hole appeared in the first place then any coaching process will only achieve good results by luck rather than good management.

You would never expect a doctor to prescribe medication without checking to ensure it's the right medication for the right illness with no significant side-effects.

Doctors refer to this process as a diagnosis, we call it a diagnostic.

At no cost to you we will analyse your business results and provide you with our written recommendations on how you can improve your performance without nasty side effects.

That's the benefit of engaging a qualified Chartered Accountant who has been specifically trained and is very experienced in helping small businesses to increase their profit, cash flow and the value of their business.

Once we have provided you the roadmap to your success we will then work with you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on the business coaching programme that you select) to implement our recommendations step-by-step.

Our business coaching process is unique because we are able to provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources so you will feel absolutely confident in achieving your small business goals.

After all, this is the approach we have taken over the last 10 years and we know just how effective it is. You might want to check out our testimonials to learn how some of our clients have achieved awesome things in their business.

In the meantime, why not contact us for a free consultation after which we will prepare and send you, with our compliments, our business development recommendation to help you succeed. And remember, you are free to implement our recommendations whether or not you choose us as your business coaching partner.

And you might want to check out our infographic which explains the best business coaching process we have seen anywhere.