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The best business coaches guarantee results.

"As one of Sydney's most experienced small business coaches I guarantee you'll make more than three times our fee or your money back. We are that confident that our business coaching process will work for you. And that means you have nothing to lose & everything to gain - providing you give us a call" - Mike Reddy CA, Business Coach.

Now imagine what you will achieve working with a business coach who can show you how to:

  • Significantly increase your business profits and cashflow
  • Coach you on how to achieve performance excellence, one step at a time
  • Implement 4 key business-coaching strategies that will give you an edge your competitors won't even know how to match
  • Totally avoid "discount wars"

We work with you to overcome your small business challenges for good. Together we will set specific goals to accomplish and then work closely with you to:

  • Increase your profit & cash flow;
  • Provide you with time to do the things you want to do; and
  • Develop your business to its next natural level

How is our process different?

Mike is a qualified Chartered Accountant & business coach based in Sydney with years of experience showing small businesses how to get awesome results. We don’t just facilitate or motivate. When we coach we also roll up our sleeves and make things happen.

More profit?   More cash?   More growth?   More time?

All possible as we show you how easy it is to work smarter rather than harder.

And as you would expect, our business coaching programmes are backed by a rock solid no-quibble money back guarantee with no long term contracts to sign.

Business coach Mike Reddy explains how our coaching process can have a real impact and how we can work together to make your business really fly.

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Business Planning

Our planning process takes less than a day and makes running your business so much easier.  

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Business Coaching

Our business coaching system can make a significant difference to your life.

We help by taking an advisory role using the best coaching tools in the world so you achieve faster results and then we pitch in to do what needs to be done.

A very different approach from a very experienced business coach with awesome results.

Get more with less effort.

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Customer Loyalty

The secret to creating a better customer experience may not always lie with your core product.  Business coach Mike Reddy explains.

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Marketing Help

We can increase your sales by providing you with marketing ideas proven to work with small businesses.

We use our world-class business coaching resources to find you ways to get better leads at less cost.

We’ll coach you on how to convert them into awesome customers and how to hang on to them without having to discount.

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Some coaching clients wanted to tell you about how Mike has helped them as their business coach.

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Coaching Webinars

The Shape Your Business coaching webinars show you easy ways to grow your business.

Business coach Mike Reddy covers each aspect of your business and offers a step-by-step approach on how to achieve your goals.

The webinars are free to join and you receive action plans and other resources.

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Need help?    Where better to start than with FREE resources

While developing our coaching system we were thinking a lot about what more we can do to help you on your business coaching journey.

Below are some of the tools and resources we have put together for small businesses.

Coming Soon - Free Resource Centre

We will be opening up a small business learning centre so you can coach yourself on better ways to run a small business. We will include cutting edge tips, articles, videos, checklists and more, proven to make life easier for you.

Business Tips

Our researchers identify the challenges keeping you awake at night and then employ experts to write articles on how to make running a business easier. We publish them on our site every week and help clients integrate them into their business with our business coaching programmes..

Free Webinars

We were proud to be the first business coaching firm in Australia (in fact the world!) to present regular webinars so you can learn how successful business owners achieve what they do.

Download our Business Coaching App

Another world-first. A business coaching app for your iPhone, Android and iPad. Be the first to get our small business tips, articles and videos as they are released. Easily register for our webinars as well.

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We are here to make sure you succeed. Our team regularly publishes coaching ideas to help your small business hum. Articles, tips, videos, checklists and more. And every month we select the most popular and release them in a monthly emailed newsletter. Simply put your name and email address below and we will make sure you never get left behind.