Phone Systems that Unlock the Doors to Success


"Please hold!"

The words splutter through the phone line. The hostile phone handlers finger has pushed you into the great abyss of Holdum before you could so much as say, "Hello, I'm calling to inquire about your advertisement."

And so you wait three seconds - long enough to wonder whether this business can really handle your request. After waiting an entire minute (just pick up a phone and listen to nothing for a minute and you will see what I mean) you are sure you don't want to do business with this company.

The phone is on the front line of your business. Customers can make split-second decisions about working with you based on the performance of your phones and your handlers. Having systems and technology in place for answering calls that impress prospects and customers is critical to your bottom line.

Set Performance Standards for Answering the Phone

Performance standards deliver a consistent customer experience.they also build customer confidence in your ability to deliver. They can also set your apart from competitorswho often have the least experienced person handling the phone and establishing the company's first impression.

Address the Phone Basics

    - How long do you let the phone ring? More than four rings is usually unacceptable to a customer. It's usually
      also unacceptable to any other customer in the shop who is having to listen to the incessant ringing.

    - What is the appropriate greeting? Do you have a consistent script to ensure consistency no matter who is
      answering the call? Do you answer the phone with the redundant "Mike speaking" although there was a
      possibility that Mike could have been singing, dancing, or doing anything but speaking on the phone and so I
      was necessary to confirm this to the caller? I suggest you answer the phone with "this is" proceeding your
      name. This enables the caller to prepare themselves that a name is coming.

    - What do you say if someone wants to speak with a colleague or "the boss"?

    - How do you position message taking?

    - Do your team members offer to take a message or help without the caller having to make a request?

    - How do you answer internal calls?

    - How do you transfer calls?

    - Do you answer first and last names or just first names?

Most business owners spend a significant sum on advertising which is requesting the prospect to phone the business. Therefore it is imperative that the prospect is greeted promptly, courteously and efficiently, and the business users their phone system to reassure the prospect that they have called the best people to assist them with their problem.

Until next week,
Mike Reddy