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Marketing is about creating an awareness of you and your product. But to drive the right customers to your business it needs to be more than that. A lot more.

You need to create the right sort of leads and to do that you need the right marketing plan. A plan that uses the ideal marketing channels to bring quality leads to your door at a fair price.

Effective marketing is a key objective of our business coaching programme. We will have a good look at what you do and carefully craft out a marketing plan that uses the best channels for what you are trying to achieve.

We first look at how you currently do the things you do and how to improve them. Then we will show you better ways to get more leads from your website and help you decide if social media is the right option for you.

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In our business coaching programmes we look at ways to ramp up your entire marketing strategy.


If you rely on “offline” marketing such as yellow pages, brochures and quotes then, chances are, we can help you to increase your response rates.

Our business coaching resources are chock full of ways to help you get more bang for your buck.

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Over 10 million Australians use Facebook and over half of them login at least once a day.

Incredible statistics providing an incredible marketing opportunity for you.  Let us show you some of the most effective ways of getting leads.

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Social Media

Love it or loathe it, social media is just too big to ignore. It’s a huge opportunity for small businesses PROVIDING it is done right.

Social media marketing is a huge part of our business and here’s how we help clients achieve awesome results.

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Mobile Apps

For some businesses your own mobile app can be a surprisingly inexpensive way of creating amazing opportunities.

Rather than waiting for prospects to go to your website, how about taking your message to them!

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The best way to get leads is to ensure you position yourself right.

Yes, you do need a website but it doesn’t have to be an emmy award winning one. Here’s why our websites will achieve so much more.

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Mobile Websites

Around ½ of internet enquiries are made using a mobile device.

And mobile users wont hang around to pinch and squeeze and muddle through your website to see what’s on offer. Here’s what we suggest.

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Marketing Plans

No matter what marketing channels you use the secret is to have everything working in harmony.

We’ll prepare a marketing plan with step by step recommendations designed to take your business to its next natural level.

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Sell Your Services

If you sell services you can have a hard time convincing prospects that your solution is the right one for them.

We can show you a better way of getting your message across.

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