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Mobile Apps

Online marketing is changing. Traditionally marketing has been about creating awareness, and providing compelling reasons on why one business is a better choice than another.

Unfortunately, once you have delivered your message to your prospect it’s difficult to stay front of mind. Your prospect might not “get” your message and it soon gets forgotten.

People tend to only hang on to brochures for a very short period of time. Usually by the time they are ready to make a decision, your message has been lost with all of your competitors.

The secret to successful conversions is, of course, to keep your message in front of them.

Mobile apps

Be everywhere your clients are.

Our marketing apps are designed to leverage the most powerful marketing concepts known today.

We have been helping small businesses to stay at the leading edge of marketing for the last fifteen years.

We insist on only developing native apps for you (because native apps are the only way to go). We produce an app for iPhones (optimised for iPhone 5), iPads, Android and even make another available for BlackBerry users and users of WindowsMobile devices.

That ensures the fastest most responsive apps for just about every mobile device your prospects are carrying.

Then one low monthly payment covers the cost of us hosting your apps and vital updates, necessary as Apple and Google continue to develop and change their operating systems, meaning your app will last well into the future.

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