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Keeping Your Computer at Peak Performance

Tuesday, November 06, 2012   By Mike Reddy


There is little more frustrating than the frequent obstacles presented by our tech-reliant work lifestyles.

The copier is down, the printer is jammed, your computer has frozen - these kinds of daily hiccups can put a weighty strain on productivity.

Eliminate some of these unexpected delays by maintaining the health and functionality of your computer without the constant supervision of IT people. It cannot be repeated enough - back up your files. Add this task to your weekly To Do list, set up an automatic back up, or schedule time with a colleague so you can remind each other: just get it done! Look to utilise one of the many cloud services available which automatically back-up as you go.

Implement virus protection systems. Include rules for computer use in your Policies and Procedures manual. Post them up around office computers as a reminder to employees, and if necessary, go as far as setting up firewalls that prevent access to certain sites.

One diseased email attachment can take down your whole system. Use virus protection that allows for attachment scans before opening them to prevent this disaster. The typical office computer has built-in systems that are designed for regular maintenance. Simply run the programs routinely and they will defragment your hard drive and clean out temporary files improving performance.

Overheating is a common cause of sluggish and slow computers. When using a PC always ensure nothing is blocking the fan located in the tower. Laptops can be propped up to allow for air to circulate underneath, preventing overheating. The inside of the computer also requires some cleaning and care- dust and build up can drag your system down.

Enlist your IT team to set up regularly scheduled cleaning times at least every couple of months. A computer technician should always complete this task. Save any maintenance programs or software in a desktop folder titled Computer Maintenance for easy access by you or other co-workers.

As we go about our daily business using our computers and, dare we say, taking them for granted, it is important to remember that it is nothing more than a machine.