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Terms Of Engagement

Basis on which we prepared your return

Generally, the responsibility for the accuracy of the tax return rests with the taxpayer. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you give us is accurate and complete. If you have given us all relevant information, you may not be liable for a false or misleading statement in the return that results from us failing to take reasonable care.

In addition, you acknowledge that any advice we give you during this assignment is only our opinion based on our understanding of the current law, administrative practice and our knowledge of your circumstances. Any such advice and any income tax returns will not necessarily be beyond challenge by Inland Revenue.

Self-assessment and tax audits

New Zealand’s tax system works by way of self-assessment. This means that Inland Revenue generally accepts the details on the tax return and process it as filed. A Return Acknowledgement or Notice of Assessment is usually based on the taxable income disclosed in your return.

However, Inland Revenue may also legally require you to provide the records and information used to complete a tax return and may review or audit a return.

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