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Managing Your Marketing Message

Over 10 million Australians use Facebook and over half of them login at least once a day. Incredible statistics providing an incredible marketing opportunity for you. We can show you the most effective ways of getting leads.

Google completed an amazing study on how Australian’s use their mobiles in 2011. Check this out, then consider how many MORE opportunities there are for you in 2014!

We will work with you to understand your goals and then recommend a strategy that uses the right mix of marketing channels to achieve your goals at the lowest cost.

The statistics defy belief. Whatever business you are in, chances are, your prospects are using one, or more, forms of social media on a regular basis.

"We get so hung up on what we’re good at that we forget to ask what we should do next" - Seth Godin

Marketing is about getting your message in front of your prospects, so it stands to reason that social media should be considered as part of your marketing mix.

However, it’s not about taking your yellow pages knowledge and applying it to creating a social media marketing message. It’s far more than that.

To get the sort of return on your marketing investment that we, at Shape Your Business, expect for our clients, it’s a matter of clearly understanding the best ways to position your marketing message to increase the chances of creating the right sort of engagement.

That “right sort” depends a lot on what business you are in, but as we have been coaching businesses for fifteen years and have always been on the leading edge of marketing platforms, we understand how to take your message to your prospects and have them engage with you.

We can even draw a circle around your business and monitor Twitter traffic emanating from within 5km, looking for your keywords. As soon as a prospect starts asking for recommendations we can immediately respond on your behalf, channeling them toward you.

We can help you get more bang for your buck on Facebook and we can advise you on the best Social Media platforms for your type of business.

Better still, we can help you with your entire marketing mix to ensure you minimise your marketing spend while increasing your results.

To discover the opportunities that exist in your business call us now on 1300 791 600.

Shape Your Business - more than just coaching.