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Business Coaching Programmes and Other Business Solutions

We can help you grow your business by providing you with proven business building strategies and ideas.

If you are ready to take the next step - we’re ready to help you along the way. No matter what size your business. Have a look at some of the ways we have helped others just like you.

Or simply contact us - we can give you some ideas on the best way of coaching you to success. After all, we’re here to help you succeed.

Business Coaching

You’ve probably realised that it takes more than a great product to achieve a great business result.

And you are probably starting to realise that Shape Your Business is more than just business coaching for small businesses.

If you watched the video on our home page then you have already met your coach!

A skilled business degree-qualified Chartered Accountant with heaps of experience who has been invited to speak to business advisors around the world on best-practice ways to grow small businesses like yours.

A business coach who focuses on helping businesses just like yours in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. With a coaching programme to suit any small business.

Experience. Qualifications. Knowledge.

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Marketing Help

“In a land of infinite choice, brands matter”.

Shape Your Business isn’t just about coaching. We know how to increase your sales on a shoestring.

We can help with marketing ideas designed to bring you more prospects at a lower cost. And we can show you better strategies to convert more of your prospects into sales.

If you sell to individuals (as opposed to other firms) then you might want to consider social media in your marketing mix.

But no matter who you sell to, your website is an important indicator to your prospects on how you do business. That doesn’t mean you need a flash website.

But you need one that works for you.

Whether your marketing needs are online or offline, we can probably help.

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Business Learning

While our business coaching programmes are designed to bring you fast results, we can also help in other ways.

You can watch our free online coaching seminars over the internet. We coach you through the critical aspects of your business one step at a time.

The webinars are researched, prepared and presented by the best business coaches and experts Australia has to offer and there is plenty of time for you to ask questions along the way.

Action plans will also be emailed after the webinar along with other free resources developed for Australian small businesses.

Have a look at our topics by registering as a free member at our learning centre.

And remember the other free coaching resources available.

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Discover the opportunities that exist in your business call us on 1300 791 600.

Shape Your Business - more than business coaching.