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Social Media

It’s a huge opportunity for small businesses PROVIDING it is done right.

In fact, if you're serious about growing your business then you need to at least consider social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Let's face it, over 10 million Australians use Facebook and over half of them log in at least once a day. And, chances are, a reasonable percentage of them need your product or service.

Your prospects could be on Twitter right now asking if anyone knows where they could get one of your products. Or if anyone has suggestions. Are you answering the questions? Or are you leaving that to your competitors?

We can help with your understanding of the potential of social media, how to use it and how to get results. You can do it all or you can utilise our social media support options.

Social Media Marketing

Love it or loathe it, social media is just too big to ignore

You see, we love social media which is why we have invested so much in it ourselves.

Our solutions come with an option that includes our Australian-based team managing your entire social media presence on your behalf at an incredible price. We ensure that all postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are consistent with your branding and appeal to your target market.

We won't take over from you if you don't want. But we will certainly advise when we believe posts are "offbrand". As one of the most experienced business advisory firms in Australia we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't.

We can even set up your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for you if you would like.

We can make meaningful, regular (weekly) postings on your behalf across your social media network with useful content.

Our technology is so advanced that our social media command centre can even monitor Twitter streams so that we can make the most of positive things said about you, manage negative comments before they get out of hand and we will also monitor all Twitter traffic from within a 5km radius of your premises for prospects tweeting about the sorts of products and services that you sell and we then engage with them using marketing messages on your behalf.

We’re serious about helping small businesses in any way we can. We will help you to catch up, overtake and stay ahead of your competition.

The Shape Your Business social media solution is available from just $450/month plus GST as a stand-alone package or just $100/month plus GST if included with one of our business coaching programmes.

We can monitor Twitter traffic over a distance of more than 5km but this may incur additional fees in CBD areas. Ask us for more information.

The Shape Your Business Social Media Command service is available Australia wide.

To discover the opportunities that exist in your business call us now on 1300 791 600.

Shape Your Business - more than just coaching.