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Road Map To Business Success

When you first went into business, you had hopes and dreams about what your business should be, how it should operate and where it would go in the future.

However, running a small-to-medium sized (SME) or family-owned business means you are faced with an often overwhelming array of daily challenges... challenges that can take your focus away from the future, because you’re simply trying to get by today.

Are those original dreams still alive?

We can help you make it happen. We don’t just look at your business from a historical perspective. Instead, we actively work with you to develop your business and improve it as it happens.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails" - Anon

We take you through a personalised strategic and operational review that is comprised of three distinct stages:

1.  Data Gathering and Analysis

Our process starts with determining your objectives and reasons for being in business. Knowing what you want is very important.

We then review the external factors that affect the business, such as customers, competitors, industry, and technology.

And finally, we will take you through a series of critical questions that are related to the key performance areas of your business. After our analysis is complete, you will receive a detailed report that reviews the strategic position of your business and its operational performance.

So where do you go from here?

2.  Strategic and Operational Action Plans

You can't get your business to a different place by following the same road. And you can't get there without direction.

The next step in the process is to develop Strategic and Operational Action Plans, where we will use our analysis to help you identify what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals.

Together we will develop action plans based directly on the challenges you face, and taking into account the key stakeholders involved – you, your team, your customers and your suppliers.

The result is a structured, step-by-step strategic and operational project plan that outlines what needs to be done, when it will happen, and who is responsible for each action step.

"One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect to get different results - it can't be done".
-Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

3.  Ongoing Monitoring and Implementation

Ensuring that the action plans get underway and the work gets done is the most crucial stage in the process. We bring discipline and expertise in rolling out the specific action steps required for each challenge, and our approach to implementation and monitoring is issue-based, workplan driven, and output oriented. We also believe in a high degree of two-way communication throughout the process.

To ensure you stay on track, our Ongoing Monitoring and Implementation services include developing and monitoring a project workplan. This will allow you to drive the implementation of the plans to ensure the benefits are realised.

Included in the workplan is an Activity Log for each individual action step, showing what has been done under each initiative. This allows you to know exactly what is required and us to assess the extent to which each individual task is complete.

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