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Testimonials: Our clients share their success stories

After average results our bank suggested we contact Mike. He helped us discover more about our business potential and how to accomplish it than we had learned in the previous 14 years with 3 different accountants.

- F King, Kingwood Furniture

We were happily astounded by how much our profits increased. Mike had urged caution about being too optimistic but our sales were up by more than 20% in the first 6 months and it just continued from there.

- P Barry, Superior Window Cleaners

I had been made redundant at age 53 so we bought ourselves a business. A few months after we struck trouble. We were busy but we struggled to pay our bills on time and GST nearly dragged us under. Luckily a friend referred us to Mike. Just in time. A few years later we sold the business and have now retired, financially secure and health intact. Our heartfelt thanks to Mike.

- R Oliver

I really enjoyed the seminar yesterday. There are a lot of people who tack along in an aimless way....and they become a slave to their business and increase their vulnerability over time. I think that the holistic method you use keeps a business healthy by keeping the business owner(s) happy and confident and "business healthy"..... So thank you Mike...I needed this seminar as I have been through a hell of a time in recent months..your seminar has given me the mental tools to refocus and succeed.

- J Denize

Mike halved our advertising and easily tripled our sales from it.

- B Miller Engineering

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